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Kennen Malzahar
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Just sing any song here hence you feel like singing. If you do not sing in a post you are the loser. :P No not really but sing, really. It makes this forum happier.


If you missed one person on Earth that you could live with forever, who would you be with? Think about that. . . :| If I could meet one person again it would be Sophie from my art class. . .

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     ''Some times I sit here

       Through the night

        dreaming of those long lost days

        I gaze into the fires warm light

         as if into some sunlight haze

          now here they come

          those comrades mine

          laughing happily 

          brave to see

          untarnished by

          the dust of time

          forever fresh in memory

          The way we marched the feast so grand

          I'll tell you of them all

          from Salamandastron's Westring

           up north unto Redwall

          of High adventures

          each new dawn

          as side by side we stood in war

          this tale is told

          that you may learn

          Just what true friends are for 

                                                                                                                         -Tammelo de Formello Tussock

I did NOT copy from the book I did in my head



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Welcome to the feast,

There’s soup, and pudding, and bread,

Nothing will ever be the least,

In the abbey of red.

There’s cordial, wines, and ales,

You won’t leave underfed.

On the floor, thump your tails

In the abbey of red.

Watch that hare,

Or you won’t get fed.

This sort of food is rare,

In the abbey of red.

Come in the door,

The friar has led,

His helpers out for more,

In the abbey of red.

Eat what you like,

There’s more, don’t go to bed

Come in, you on a hike,

In the abbey of red.

The otters sup some shrimp soup,

While with scones the dibbuns fled,

The moles, their pie they scoop,

In the abbey of red.

You will always be welcome,

Are you all fed,

Beasts are seldom.

In the abbey of red.

Redwall Abbey bids you good day,

Here’s some more, for while you tread.

Or would you like to stay?

In the abbey of red.


Make everything as simple of possible, but not simpler. ~Albert Einstein

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